A really good place to be

A really good place to be. After living in other Airbnb host and hotel, i could say the price is not expansive to have a private flat, quite quiet place on the west bank and close to the motorboat, ferry, and Pharoah places. The quality level is as we expect for an occidental tourist. The cook chief is doing a very good job for average 10$/ person. Some people could say that’s expensive but after compare with restaurants in Louxor recommend by my travel book, i put a five star: many dishes offered during the meal and i recommend the fresh vegetables, well cleaned (rare in Egypt, i’ve made the experience). There’s some space between windows so some wind goes throw the appartment and in the winter, Celsius temperature can down to 14 degres. Perhap’s could you put some heavy curtains instead of the summer curtains? Fortunately, there’s a big heater you can install on the room. The concierge is non intrusive and the communication with Mohamed was good. The price offered for a air ballon is the same as in my travel book, even if i didn’t do some.


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